What is this all about?

Hey mes étoiles! ✨✨ 

Welcome to my crazy world! I am so excited to share this space with you. Over the years as part of my creative process, I have been involved in many different projects that have challenged and shaped me. With all the various interests I have, I thought about finding a way for you to see them all in one space...well, here you have it! 

Who is she?

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a multifaceted multitasker! I like the fact that no one-day is exactly the same. There is going to be that one thing that makes it different,

                      makes it special. I guess that's why I love the creative world. You can express yourself, freely. 

No matter what I do: acting, writing, blogging, "lawyering", playing the guitar (yes, I play), it is always fueled by one thing – passion ✨✨ 

Follow me as I document my creative journey through articles, photos, poems and more!