Georgie's 5 Pet Peeves! πŸ˜•πŸ˜‚πŸ˜›

by Georgie

Hey guys! To kick start the year, I thought, why not have a nice light hearted post!

Those that are guilty beware, here are my Top 5 Pet Peeves:

1)   Being Referred To As β€˜Dear’ – I genuinely do not like being called β€˜dear.’ I don’t even know completely why that is. It might just be psychological. I have a very vivid and powerful imagination, so when someone calls me dear, it seems like they are referring to some elderly woman with four kids and seven grandkids under her belt!

That's all sweet and all, but no. I just don’t like it. Unfortunately for me I live in a society where β€˜dear’ rolls as easily off the tongue as β€˜How far?’ So I have had to grin and bear it, grin and bear. Arrgh!

2)   Not Replying My Messages In A Timely Manner - Especially if there is no apology or reasonable excuse given. Although as of late I have been guilty of this too many times to count (blame law school), I still regardless detest late replies. It just disjoints the flow of the conversation, which comes with its own vibe etc. So just reply on time, biko!

3)   People Rushing Me – I have realised as I have gotten older that I truly dislike being rushed; whether it is to an event or to school. I need to take my time, rushing leads to eyebrows not on fleek, not to mention the countless things we can leave behind in the flux. Knowing how long I take to get ready I like to make sure I give myself enough time for it, so please do not disturb my process. *Note: if the situation calls for it, I can obviously rush through my process.

4)   Negativity - I try as much as possible to be positive even though as of late, so many have been trying my patience. I think it’s an important quality to always see the bright side of life and to always make the best of a given situation, no matter the circumstance, no matter the crowd. Seeing how Lagos can be such an unpredictable place, this is so very important.

5)   Being Taken For Granted – whether it is cooking, washing the dishes, helping out a friend in need etc. It is NOT nice to be taken for granted. I think its just human nature. Everyone wants to be loved, respected and appreciated, so in that vein, especially if you know you’ve gone out of your way for someone, its nice to hear a simple β€˜thank you!’ back. 

I hope you enjoyed the post! Message me here to share with me your Top 5 Pet Peeves!

Much love, 

Georgie πŸ’‹