#RealTalk: My Weight-Loss Journey Update

by Georgie

As most of you know, I am in the middle of Bwari, Abuja for Law School.

 Georgie  © 

Georgie © 

So as you can imagine, #TeamFitFam has been hard to maintain not because of a lack of exercise (I am lucky that I can exercise regularly), but because our local cuisine is incredibly starch heavy and full of oil. 

Due to the fact that I do not have a kitchen to cook my own meals, I have no option but to order food at the local canteens. Therefore I have resorted to trying to find healthy alternatives each time I order out.

For breakfast, I hardly eat anything. There is no time in the morning most days, and eating too early is something I cannot do. So recently I have started making smoothies to go. I haven't done them as regularly as I would like because I have to wake up even earlier to blend it before NEPA takes light! So for now, it's most days. If I don't have a smoothie I have tea in the morning and two slices of bread.

During break time I eat these crackers they sell opposite the Law School Auditorium or have a donut or meat pie.

For lunch I usually have jollof rice and chicken or beef stew, as I need the energy for the rest of the day. (The jollof rice in the dining hall is the best thing ever liveth 🙌)

In the evening, I usually have sweet potato and chicken or fish.

If I get peckish I drink water, have a banana, or eat crackers. For my chocolate cravings, I have my usual, sliced bread and Nutella (it used to be bagels, but there are no bagels where I live now 😞)

When I get on a really healthy binge, I have some boiled plantain and an omelette or egg sauce or boiled chicken if I can.

It is certainly in my opinion, a more carbohydrate heavy diet than before but I hope to streamline my eating as much as I can in the near future.

Good news is, I still workout about three to four times a week for an hour and a half each session. The weights machine isn't the best where I am but I try my best to utilize it to its fullest potential.

 Georgie  ©

Georgie ©

 Georgie  ©

Georgie ©

Thank you guys for your continued support, your questions and your comments! I can't wait to share more with you over the next couple of months as we fast approach a year since I made the big #LifeStyleChange!

I'm eager to hear you're weight-loss story! Message me here!


Georgie 💋💋💋